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EGLmotor straatquads en offroadquadsWelcome to the Eaglemotorsport site.
EGLmotor / EGL / Eaglemotorsport is the manufacturer of EGL Eaglemotorsport ATVs and Quads.
Eaglemotorsport Netherlands is the only official EGLmotor importer, who can also provide the official warranty and service for the quads sold at Eaglemotorsport. Eaglemotorsport has its own production line in the EGLmotor factory and therefore guarantees quality quads that are safe for Dutch roads.

Eaglemotorsport is a Dutch company that specializes in building and maintaining 4 stroke ATVs, Quads, Trikes, Scooters, Motorcycles and mopeds.

EGLmotor straatquads en offroadquadsEaglemotorsport EGLmotor street squads and off-road squads represented EGLmotor throughout Europe. Including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Slovenia, Albania, England, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, etc. We also send spare / repair parts worldwide, from Australia to Sweden.

Due to the high 4-stroke expertise, Eaglemotorsport can also perform very professional maintenance and repairs on other 4-stroke vehicles.


All EGL Eaglemotorsports ATVs and Quads, intended for the Dutch market, are fully assembled in the Netherlands. Naturally, most parts come from Japan and China, but the assembly, testing, balancing and adjustment of the complete ATV or Quad takes place in the Netherlands, which guarantees the sublime quality.

Because Eaglemotorsport has a direct connection to the Chinese and Japanese factories, Eaglemotorsport can provide the manufacturer's warranty on new ATVs and Quads. Do you unexpectedly have to deal with a broken part of your new ATV or Quad? Then you do not have to pay the labor costs to replace the broken part!
* Manufacturer's warranty only applies to new vehicles. No guarantee is possible on used vehicles.

 Webshop and spare parts

EGLmotor/Eaglemotorsport - JLA/Jinling - SPYRacing - Shineray - Bashan - Yamaha

We have almost all parts and accessories for these quads in stock.
Need parts and/or accessories for other brands of quads? Eaglemotorsport is also your supplier for, for example, Yamaha, Suzuki, TGB, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, CFMoto, etc. Take a look at the webshops. Is a part you are looking for unexpectedly not in our webshop? Please feel free to contact with us.
Of course you can also visit our store.

The address of the shop, workshop and showroom is:
Leidekkersweg 50
3449JJ Woerden

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 NIEUW: Linhai 570 L 4x4 (L7e)(copy)

DEMO model.
Inclusief NL (auto, Euro 5) kenteken
DEMO model.
Direct rijklaar uit voorraad leverbaar.
Bel of kom langs voor
meer informatie.
Leidekkersweg 50
3449JJ Woerden
Tel: 06-2409 6975
Koop Of Lease / Financier
Van € 11500,00
Voor € 10500,00 
vanaf € 150,00 per maand.

Deze demo quad is voorzien van een Nederlands kenteken.
Dat wil zeggen, direct leverbaar. En deze quad heeft geen tractor (T3b) kenteken, maar een normaal (L7E) kenteken.
Zodat u geen probleem heeft met het afsluiten van een verzekering. 

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 NIEUW: Linhai 570 L 4x4 (L7e)

Inclusief NL (auto) kenteken Bel of kom langs voor
meer informatie.
Inclusief L7e kenteken! Leidekkersweg 50
3449JJ Woerden
Direct rijklaar uit voorraad leverbaar. Tel: 06-24096975

Deze quad is voorzien van een Nederlands L7e kenteken.
Dat wil zeggen, geen tractor kenteken (T3b) maar een normaal auto kenteken.
Zodat u geen probleem heeft met het afsluiten van een verzekering. 

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